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The Problem. Let’s talk rental cars in Hawaii specifically…if you’ve traveled recently and tried to rent a car at the airport, you’ve probably run into insane rates or zero availability.  Like economy cars for $1000+/week, yikes! The Workaround. Did you know hotels contract with companies like Enterprise?  Contact your hotel to see if they offer […]

Rental Car Tips & Tricks

May 13, 2021

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American Express Points Do you want to know our favorite way to use Amex points? Points are like cash, right?! So why not utilize them the best way you can? ✈️Of course, you can use the Amex portal to book your reward points, but we think transferring to one of Amex’s 19 airline partners is […]

Best Way to Use Amex Points!

April 6, 2021

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First Class Lay-Flat Hack. ✈️ First Class lay-flat hack!  Book an international plane for a domestic flight.   My clients are flying to California for an anniversary trip and hired me to plan their trip, including first-class flights on miles! Know your Aircrafts. ✈️ Do you know with a little research, you too can find first-class domestic flights […]

February 15, 2021

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We all want a complimentary suite upgrade, right?  Here is our 3 Step Method to scoring free suites!  We used this process for our complimentary suite upgrade on Maui December 2020. 90% of the time, our method works for complimentary upgrades. Of course, suite upgrades are based on hotel availability at the time of check-in. We […]

3 Step Process to Free Marriott Hotel Upgrades

January 12, 2021

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Airport Tips & Tricks What it is really like to travel now. Arrival We arrived at the airport with 2.5 hours to spare. Way too early! I would say 2 hours would have been more than enough time. Checking in was easy. You are not required to wear a mask until you get to security. […]

What It Is Like To Travel Again

June 7, 2020

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Credit Card Reward Points As travel came to a screeching halt in March, you may have tucked away your travel reward credit cards. As with everything else, we are adjusting to a new normal. Most of our spending is at grocery stores or takeout from our favorite restaurants. Our reward credit cards are adjusting too. […]

Limited Time Only- Big Bonus Points For Grocery Shopping

May 2, 2020

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Our family is headed to Miami, Florida. We are staying at the gorgeous, Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club. We booked a basic 2-queen room for 60,000 points +$34.20 taxes/fees, then requested to use a suite night award. Our wish was granted and now for no additional dollars spent, we’ll enjoy a luxury suite. 1 Bedroom, […]

You’ve Been Upgraded! How to Maximize Suite Night Awards

December 28, 2019

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Sanibel Island for Spring Break   Hacked…$154 round trip SPRING BREAK plane tickets booked on Christmas day, direct from Chicago to Ft. Myers!  Did you know that booking future trips on a major holiday can really pay off?   Most people are spending time with family, therefore not shopping online for airfares. A client of […]

Hacked: $154 round trip airfare over spring break 2020

December 25, 2019

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Cabo San Lucas: 2 Different Clients/Same Trip Actual Clients The travel costs below are from actual clients.  To protect their privacy, we’ll call one of them Emily and the other Sarah.  Emily planned her trip in advance and signed up for the right credit cards to get her there. Sarah did not plan, but last minute […]

Planning Your Vacation Before You Travel Hack Saves $$$

December 16, 2019

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A question we get often…how can you and your husband take off so much time from work to travel? That’s easy…we book many “quickie” trips! Hotwire has created an entire campaign dedicated to the “quickie” vacation and we are loving it! According to their travel team, Millennials are taking at least 5 “quickie” trips per […]

In The Mood For A “Quickie”? A Quickie Vacation That Is!

December 13, 2019